In the arctic village of Tulugalik life is changing. Gigantic cruise ships anchor in the bay and local fishermen come home empty-handed. Maliina (11 years old) has been listening to her shaman grandmother’s stories. She knows the fish are hiding in the tangles of The Mother of the Sea’s hair. If nothing is done, The Mother of the Sea will destroy the village. Only the three spirits of the Northern Light can soothe her rage. And only Maliina can summon the spirits with the shaman powers she has inherited from her grandmother. Once the spirits are released it takes all of Maliina’s courage and strength to find them and bring them back. Meanwhile, The Mother of the Sea is loosing her patience.

The legends of the Arctic are a wild and fascinating world of adventure, fantastic creatures and wild nature. RAVEN GIRL AND THE MOTHER OF THE SEA will capture this mythology of the Artic and set it in a modern society with globalization and climate changes affecting every day life. A spectacular tale blurring the lines between fantasy and realism. RAVEN GIRL AND THE MOTHER OF THE SEA centers on the amazing creatures and different world views that are key to Artic myths: Northern lights, the Mother of the Sea and the crazy and fun Helping Spirits who the shamans use to create balance between man and nature.

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