Concept by Konrad Nuka Godtfredsen
Original story by Lisbeth Valgreen.
Screenplay by Lisbeth Valgreen and Jericca Cleland

In collaboration with NØRLUM

In this modern-day adventure tale inspired by Greenland mythology, 12-year old Maliina grows up in Tulugalik, a small coastal village balanced between the old tradition of fishing and new tourism business.  Eager for her daughter to fit in with the forward-thinking society, Maliina's mother discourages Maliina's fascination with her shaman grandfather's eccentric stories and old rituals.  But catastrophe closes in when construction of a cruise ship terminal to attract tourists disturbs nature--the local fish disappear!  Legend has it, they are caught in the hair of the furious Mother of the Sea, trapped at the bottom of the ocean--though few believe the old stories. Despite the town's optimism toward new business brought in by visitors, the fishermen, and then those depending on them, become more and more concerned as food becomes scarce and winter looms.
As shaman, Maliina's grandfather urgently tries to resolve the problem but discovers it is not his place--too old to do it himself, he passes on a sacred talisman to Maliina to take the journey to find and appease the Mother of the Sea.  Only Maliina can save the village from destruction by seas that become wilder and wilder. However, first, she must learn to become a real shaman.

Her mother fights against the grandfather’s influence on Maliina, and  Maliina is caught between old world and new, these two forces in her life.  But when her fisherman father encounters great danger out at sea, Maliina decides to take on the challenge and enter the Spirit Realms.

Along with her helping spirits, she travels to the Mother of the Sea, but ultimately, Maliina must save the town alone. Can she find the courage to walk the dangerous path to confront the Mother of the Sea? Can she save the town from the ferocity of nature pushed out of balance?  Can she bring her society to a better path merging old and new?

The legends of the Arctic are a wild and fascinating world of adventure, fantastic creatures and wild nature. RAVEN GIRL AND THE MOTHER OF THE SEA will capture this mythology of the Arctic and set it in a modern society with globalisation affecting every day life. A spectacular tale blurring the lines between fantasy and realism. RAVEN GIRL AND THE MOTHER OF THE SEA centers on the amazing creatures and different world views that are key to Arctic myths: Northern lights, the Mother of the Sea and the crazy and fun Helping Spirits who the shamans use to create balance between man and nature.

For extensive Mood Book and thorough storyline contact producer Peter Sølvsten Thomsen